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Guest blog post; What is Protein?

Ali Marler

There are so many mixed messages out there and it can really be confusing to know what is right, wrong, good, bad (trust us…we don’t get it right all the time either!). We would love to help others understand a bit more about the foods they are consuming and to overall, just be aware that having a balanced diet is key. So, we chatted to nutritionist Vanessa Clarkson and got her thoughts on what protein actually is.  

You might be wondering if ‘high quality protein’ is just another buzz word dreamt up by some trendy marketer somewhere, but does it really mean anything? I’m here to give you the facts…straight up.

So here comes the science bit…despite the name, protein is not actually a single nutrient rather it’s a collective term. Protein is made up of 21 amino acids that can be joined together in almost any configuration. It’s essential that we get at least 10 of these 21 amino acids from our diet, as we cannot make them ourselves!

When a protein is described as high quality what it really means is that it’s easily digested and contains most if not all of the essential amino acids that are fundamental to good health. The whey protein used in Bounce Balls would be one example of a high quality protein, animal-based proteins such as meat, fish and eggs, would be others.

Whey protein is left over from the milk used to make cheese. It’s rapidly digested and absorbed, meaning the amino acids in it are quickly made available for the body to use. All Bounce Balls except our VLife vegan range (which uses Pea & Rice Proteins), have added whey protein, providing between 8.4g to 13g of protein each.
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