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New Bounce - New Packaging, New Flavours & New Squigy Middle!

Daniel Snelson

Swap your squidgy middle for ours!

The lock down has taken it’s toll on the British public in more ways than one as almost half of Brits (47%) say they have put on weight since lockdown began in March, with more than 16 per cent gaining five pounds or more in the first six weeks! 

As we blindly waded through the first initial months of the COVID pandemic, behavioural changes crept in as our physical activity levels dropped and in a bid to cheer ourselves up we made more indulgent food and drink choices, (a newly discovered love of baking or the furlough merlot ring any bells?!) It’s true to say that Bounce has also resurfaced this month a bit more squidgy around the middle….

Yes it’s true, lock down has also changed us here at Bounce… for the better!  We’ve also been busy in the kitchen, forget baking and cupcakes, we’ve been busy creating a wonderous new ball that’s guaranteed to put a spring in your step to help you bounce back to a more positive mindset.

So what’s new I hear you ask? Everything we cry! The lockdown makeover is complete, 8 new balls featuring exciting new flavours such as ‘maple pecan cashew’ all with a soft squidgy nut butter centre. We also have 3 plant protein variants to suit every lifestyle! A melt in the mouth taste sensation. 

We are all craving a return to ‘normal’ and many of us are struggling to adjust to these strange times which has widely been described as that hazy period between Christmas & New year with the loss of structure & routine. Below are our top tips for addressing common reported causes of weight gain and general lockdown blues giving you a helping hand to bounce back, regaining your mojo and tone up that squidgy middle!!

Exercising less
As many of us find ourselves WFH confined to our kitchen table with steps reduced to slinking to the fridge and back our physical activity has naturally reduced. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym or dropping down to push out 10 burpees! It is important to find an activity that you enjoy and can be consistent with, by easily incorporating into your day. A quick 20 brisk walk at lunch time, some Yoga flows in the morning, a daily game of TAG with the kids. Little and often soon mounts up. Set yourself a little reward for completing your goals such as a peanut butter filled bounce ball which will replenish your energy and as it’s packed with protein to aid recovery

Drinking more alcohol

Office of National Statistics figures show a 31 per cent annual increase in alcohol sales in March. We often drink alcohol to wind down and relax, so it is no wonder consumption is up during these uncertain times. However, any highs are only short-term as alcohol is a depressant and can negatively affect you longer term as well as being full of empty calories which can lead to weight gain.  You may not realise the amount you are drinking, but there are many trackers available offering help and advice to cut down alcohol consumption. Another trick is to find alternative ways to relax, a soak in the bath or curling up on the sofa with a good book a cup of tea, and an Almond Bounce Ball! Almonds are a good source of magnesium which is soothing to your body and helps you relax

Feeling stressed or anxious

Stress is not only a common trigger for non-hunger eating. If you are feeling stressed or anxious there are several techniques you can adopt that don’t involve turning to food. Ensure regular breaks scheduled in to your day, to take some time for you, whether it is just to get some fresh air, stop and be in the moment, appreciate your surroundings and practise gratitude

A lack of contact with others

According to the UK Mental Health Foundation feelings of loneliness have more than doubled over the lockdown period. Now we are easing out of lockdown, none of us will take for granted again the luxury of meeting up with friends for a coffee and a chat. It’s important that we schedule these catch up times in regularly as humans are very social beings and we need the contact! What could be better than a pumpkin spiced latte and a maple pecan bounce ball with friends for elevenses

Not being able to maintain a weight loss plan as easily

It’s true daily routines for many of us have well and truly gone out of the window, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Easing back in slowly with smaller more achievable targets is the way to go. Daily meal preparation the evening before can help you start the day in control and make it easy for you to keep on track and feeling positive. Plan out your day around your activities and make sure you have plenty of nutritious filling snacks around to keep you from falling off the wagon. Bounce have 8 varieties of snack balls for something different throughout the week.

SOURCE – Research carried out through OnePoll of 2,000 UK adults identified the top 10 reasons for weight gain during lockdown, which included less physical activity and more indulgent food choices.