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Our back to school top tips!

Bounce Foods

It’s the first week of September and that means, it’s back to the classroom! Whether or not you are starting a new term at school, heading off to university or landed a new job…we’ve pulled together our top tips for staying healthy, energised & top of the class with Bounce!

– Obvious we know but try packing your bag the night before so you don’t have a panic in the morning!
– Get involved! It can be nerve-racking going into a new term/class with people you don’t know but just remember everyone will be in the same boat.
– A Bounce Ball is a great smart snack to fuel any after school or university activity (if it lasts until then!)
– Shh…If you’re spending the day in the library, take a Bounce Ball with you instead of hitting the vending machines…but don’t crinkle the wrapper!
– If you’re off to uni, don’t forget you’ll be responsible for your own diet now. Don’t forget those fruit and veggies! If in doubt grab a Bounce Ball, we’ve do the hard work for you.
– If you’ve got scuffs on your shoes, try using a Cacao Mint Ball..minty fresh!
– Missed breakfast and now starving on the school run, a Bounce Balls fits perfectly in the car door.
– Show your personality off with new stationary! Here are our favourite pencil cases:

The Cute One

The Creative One

The Monday Morning One

The Funny One