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The Bounce Guide to Healthy Snacking When You’re Expecting

Bounce Foods

If you’ve got a bouncing baby on the way in 2019, it’s vital to get the nutrients and good energy to stay unstoppable every day, whilst promoting your baby’s growth.

If you didn’t already know, sustained protein during your pregnancy is vital – the amino acids found within it helping build both yours and your baby’s body cells.
Coupled with the fact you won’t always have time to prep or cook food, the need for on-the-go, good energy solutions is key. Check out our top tips for helping you get the most out of snacking when you’re expecting:

Increase your energy

– Tiredness and fatigue is common during and after pregnancy; finding great-tasting, convenient, ready-to-eat solutions that are better for you, can really help keep you functioning as you want.

Good calories and clever carbs

– Stay focused on good calories and clever carbohydrates – that is, foods that are full of nutrients and low in sugar, such as oats, and nuts. Overly processed foods tend to include lots of artificial foods and preservatives, which don’t add any nutritional value.

Hi, protein

– High protein snacks between meals, providing 5-10g, can help to keep you energised on the go. To keep your nutritional intake balanced, get acquainted with snacks that provide all three macronutrients (carbohydrate, fat and protein) from good sources of wholefoods – such as fruit and nuts.

Eat little and often

– Eating little and often will help to maintain your energy levels during times when you may have a reduced appetite, or are managing periods of morning sickness. Sometimes 5-6 smaller meals can be better than 3 bigger ones.

Bounce for your bump

– Bounce is now officially recognised by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ as a sustainable snacking solution for both mother and baby. Great news because it helps you make more conscious nutritional decisions and, in the RCOG’s own words, “will help towards your daily fibre and vitamin E goals… and also keep you fuller for longer.”