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New Balls Please!

Bounce Foods

The sun is in the sky (for a change). The strawberries are ripe. The tennis rackets are out. And all that can mean only one thing – yep, it’s Wimbledon fortnight!

It doesn’t matter whether you know your cross-court forehands from your backhand topspin lobs, or your Wawrinkas from your Wozniackis; the great thing about Wimbledon – and tennis in general – is that it inspires positive change in the way we live.

A great excuse for all ages and abilities to get out in the great outdoors, tennis is all about lots of short, little sprints and strokes, making it a really fun way to use energy and burn some serious calories. What’s more, with thousands of free courts on which to play across the UK (find your nearest one here), it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg either.

So, if you’re looking to add a bit of variety to your fitness regime, or simply want to do something new, why not try a Simple Swap of changing a midweek gym session or weekend walk to a game of tennis?*

Seeing as matches can last for hours (the longest being John Isner and Nicolas Mahut’s 11-hour-and-five-minute-marathon at Wimbledon in 2010), the need for smart snacking and sustained energy is really important.

A modern-day tennis player’s pre-match diet should be made up of foods and snacks that are rich in carbs (yes, the C word) and moderate in protein. It’s this mix of food groups that give them the stable, steady flow of energy needed to perform at their best for longer. Ideally, you want to be snacking one to two hours before playing. Which is where we come in.

Or, more specifically, where our new V Life Cacao Peanut ball comes in because, for tennis players, it provides just the right amount of good energy they need from their pre-match snack.

A chewy mix of vegan proteins, fats and carbs, our latest addition to your snack-finding mission packs 10g of protein and 15g of carbohydrates per ball. And, thanks to a mix of creamy, nutty peanut butter and rich, dark cacao nibs, it tastes like heaven, too.

Available exclusively from Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and other leading independent health food stores, next time you’re looking for something to pop in your tennis bag, just ask for our “new balls please”.

*Bounce take full responsibility if you become addicted to tennis as a result of reading this.