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The Bounce Guide to Life-Hacking, Smart Packing!

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You’ve booked your flights, transfers and hotels. You’ve picked all the best spots to visit. You’ve even chosen where you’re going for breakfast on the first morning.

But you haven’t actually packed for your summer holiday, because you’ve been putting it off until the last minute. And now, that last minute has actually arrived. For many, packing can be an enjoyable part of the holiday experience, because it’s the gateway to their getaway, so to speak. For others, however, it can be pretty stressful and annoying.

Now, we can’t promise that this blog will help you fall into the former category, but with these life-hacking, smart-packing tips, at least you can get on with other, more important holiday things. Like nailing that perfect poolside playlist.

#1 – Don’t Get Ticked Off

Want to avoid getting ticked off when you realise you’ve forgotten to pack something really important? Then create a simple to-do list for everything you need to pack, ticking everything off as you go along.

#2 – Roll Up, Roll Up

This is our favourite tip, simply because it’s the most useful one. When you roll your clothes inside of folding them, the benefit is twofold (pun fully intended, yes): more space and less creases. And everything just fits satisfyingly into place like a jigsaw, too.

#3 – A Shoe-in for Saving Space

As well as rolling clothes, use the room in your shoes to neatly pack little bits and bobs into, like underwear and socks.

#4 – It’ll Be All Light on the Flight

As with everything in life, if you buy cheap, chances are, eventually, you’ll have to buy again. That said, invest in a good quality, lightweight suitcase; the lighter it is, the more luggage allowance you’ll enjoy.

#5 – Leave it Out!

Unless you’re holiday involves a trip to Antarctica, chances are that most destinations are going to have shops. With that in mind, waiting until you’ve arrived to stock up on basic toiletries is not only a good way of keeping weight down, but avoiding the dreaded shower-gel-leaking-over-all-my-clothes-during-the-flight episode.