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Helping Festival Goers Start The Day with a Bounce

Bounce Foods

To celebrate the launch of our new Breakfast Bars, we recently teamed up with our buddies at Bestival to help this year’s festival-goers start their day with a nutritious, great-tasting brekkie.

Because, proving that not all superheroes wear capes, we wanted to be there to save the day for those that were feeling a little worse for wear from the previous night’s partying!

Why Bestival? Our Marketing Director, Debbie, explained:

“Bestival is a great fit for Bounce, with its positive energy and bright, colourful, fun-loving atmosphere. Given that festivals are one of the few places on earth where thousands of people all wake up together, we thought it’d be a great place to introduce our new Breakfast Bars and provide the perfect, good energy start for anyone needing a post-party pick-me-up.”

All campers needed to do was sign up at our colourful airstream, and they were then visited the next morning by our team, who were armed with our high protein and high fibre Bounce Breakfast bars, water, juice and fresh fruit.

Packed with feel-good energy, our survival kits left people feeling rejuvenated and ready to enjoy the day ahead – you can watch the video by clicking here. We had an absolute blast helping them – and yes, it was also a great excuse to be able to drive around a field in a golf buggy!

When we weren’t handing out breakfast (or throwing shapes as the likes of London Grammar, Plan B, Grace Jones and Chaka Khan did their thing), we were also keeping crowds fuelled with good energy by handing out samples from our core and vegan protein ranges.

Over the course of the festival’s four days, we handed out thousands of balls and bars, as well as a whole load of fun, colour and hula hoop-based shenanigans, too.

And we can’t wait to hopefully do it all again next year!